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Book Cover - Stop Getting Fu*cked by Technical Recruiters

I Finally Published Stop Getting Fu*ked by Technical Recruiters: A Nerd’s Guide to Negotiating Salary And Benefits

I have been taking notes and outlining this book for years as I always knew I wanted to get it published. Most nerds, in general, are not well suited to negotiating our salaries. What is worse is that the people we are up against do it every single day and we do it 5-8 times in our entire life. This book is filled with all the things I wish I knew when I started my career.

Why Name A Book Stop Getting Fucked by Technical Recruiter?

So “A Nerd’s Guide to Negotiating Salary And Benefits” would probably have been a good title but I didn’t think he was in your face enough. If you in the tech industry then you have dealt with technical recruiters. If you are like me then you have also probably been taken advantage of by these gatekeepers that neither invented nor innovated in the very industry that was making them millions. 


This book is a collection of what I have learned as to how to accomplish this. I hope you will see the value of this book when you stop and realize that for every $10 more per hour you are able to get from a recruiter/employer will translate into another $20,000’ish more per year to your salary. It is also important to understand that every salary can have an additive effect over the lifetime of your total career earnings.


This book is going to teach you to take the power back. You can negotiate a higher rate, as you are the prize. You are the one with the skills needed to make the technology go and the recruiting company is simply one of the many conduits for the work that exists out there in the world.

Please let me know what you think of the book.

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