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Interview with Scott Turman concerning FaceBook layoffs
Interview concerning FaceBook layoffs
Scott Turman Congress AI Interview
AI and near future of the technology
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Fast-growing businesses should be bought rather than sold by Intel
Fast-growing businesses should be bought rather than sold by Intel
Intel Should Buy Not Sell Fast-Growing Businesses
Should You Buy Meta Stock?
Scott Turman - TRT Live Interview
Will rebranding Facebook to Meta make much difference?
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Facebook’s name change is not enough to fix its reputation
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"Trying to land your first remote job? Here's what to do."
"Jeff Bezos, The World’s Richest Person, Willing To Give NASA $2 Billion For Moon Mission""
“Rebranding is one way to do that, but a fresh coat of lipstick on a pig will not fundamentally change the facts about a pig.”
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"Surely, though, Mark Zuckerberg can’t really think anyone is going to be fooled."


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Ep300: Book Writing and Branding with Entrepreneur and Author Technologist Scott Turman
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Ep. 235 - How to Build Your Brand With a Book
Ep. 243 – Scott Turman’s key success factor is tenacity; never give up. Failure was never an option!
Using A Book to Build Your Personal Brand and Scale Your Sales
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Ep. 24 -Everyone Has A Story And Scott Turman May Want To Publish Yours
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EP 142. BrightRay Founder - Scott Turman
Writing the Book on Founder Branding... Literally! with BrightRay Publishing Founder Scott Turman
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"Learn To Be Useful and Gain Mastery In Your Area Of Expertise"